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Until The FIX Team arrives, these safety tips will keep your family safe, minimize the damage to your property as well as personal items of value.

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At FIX, our Professional Team will not only restore your home,
but also
your peace of mind.


FIX Clean Restoration

Life happens and clean matters. Drinks are spilled, pets have accidents, pipes break, toilets overflow, and then there are fires.
The FIX Professional Team concentrates on safely rebuilding your home or office. Depending on the nature of the Restoration required, The FIX Team is known as a leader in Fire and Water Cleanup, and Restoration. When time matters the most, we have the team, the equipment, the expertise and the ability to restore your property, and your peace of mind. “EXCELLENCE RESTORED.”

Green & Clean

The FIX Restoration Team specializes in a highly-effective green cleaning system with ingredients that are detergent free, chemical free, FDA approved, and are safe-for consumption. These products are particularly ideal for individuals with asthma and/or chemical or allergic sensitivities. Our green cleaning systems not only helps your health but also has minimal impact on the environment.

Biohazard Clean Up

Whether molds, sewage contaminants or biologicals, exposure can pose serious health consequences. A failure to properly remove such substances can contribute to unhealthy and dangerous environments.
The FIX Professional Team is equipped and trained to safely remove biohazardous substances in accordance to EPA, OSHA and to health standard guidelines. The FIX Team Specialists help turn unsafe environments into clean, safe homes and offices.

Odor Removal

The FIX Restoration Team Specialists has created highly effective methods of eliminating undesirable odors. Your basic cleaning service is not going to have the expertise to effectively deodorize your home or office. See the FIX Team’s Deodorization page for more detailed information.

Duct Cleaning

It is imperative to clean the system that brings air to your home or office. A valuable component of the FIX Restoration process is to remove the odors and/or contaminants that have attached themselves to the HVAC system and ducts, filters and fans. It is essential we assure our customers that the air you breath is clean.

Upholsteries, Drapes, Linins and Carpets

During the Restoration process it becomes necessary to protect the value of the furniture, drapes, linins and carpets. Many times in order to insure minimal damage the items are packed, cleaned and stored until completion of the project. The FIX Restoration Team provides full contents services. For more detailed information select the CONTENTS page.

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