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Safety Tips until the FIX Team arrives…

Until The FIX Team arrives, these safety tips will keep your family safe, minimize the damage to your property as well as personal items of value.

Be ready ahead of time, should a Disaster strike.

Get the mobile app that works for ALL types of phones and give yourself a tool that puts your home or business ahead of disaster. Let us help you plan and implement Emergency Preparedness.



At FIX, our professional team will not only restore your home,
but also
your peace of mind


Emergency Response Matters

Residential Restoration
Restoring a home after a flood or fire can feel like an overwhelming task. There is not much more disturbing than your walls are covered in soot or your home is ankle-deep in water, you want a solution—and you want it fast.
That is why the FIX Professional Team concentrates on creating a plan that can be presented in the same day we arrive on the site.
With your insurance adjuster approval we can start immediately to restore the EXCELLENCE you expect.
As an added benefit, and at your request we also will offer Remodel options making changes that you only dreamed of the possibility.

Get Help Now 24-7

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