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Safety Tips until the FIX Team arrives…

Until The FIX Team arrives, these safety tips will keep your family safe, minimize the damage to your property as well as personal items of value.


Fire image Home Emergency Tips — Fire

What can I do until help arrives?

When fire strikes, lives are suddenly turned around. Often, the hardest part is, knowing what to do first, and who to contact.

Next, after any fire damage situation, your primary focus should be safety first.

That is why the FIX Professional Team concentrates on creating a plan that can be presented in the same day we arrive on the site.

  • Would it be safe to be in my house ?
  • Are there any electrical problems that my pose an issue?
  • Are there things I could be doing to safely a?
  • Is my home completely wet?
Contact the FIX Professional Team for immediate
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What To Do After A FIRE

  • Check with the Fire Department to determine if it is safe to enter.
  • Check to see what services are affected, especially electrical and plumbing.
  • Place clean towels on items of value such as old linens, rugs, upholstery or art so as to not further damage.
  • Soot and dirty water left behind may contain things that could make you sick. Check to see if testing is warranted.
  • Contact your insurance company or agent right away.
  • Try to find your valuable documents and records to determine what must be immediately replaced.

What NOT To Do After A FIRE

  • Consult a professional before attempting to wash or clean anything. Many times this service is covered.
  • Be especially careful of all electrical appliances or fixtures that may have been close to heat , fire or water.
  • Any food product that may have been close to the heat fire or water should be notated and disposed of.
  • Be careful to prevent movement that would cause you to track soot and ashes into upholstery and carpets.
  • Do not walk on any floors or under ceilings that were directly apart of the fire.
  • Don’t send any cloths or linens to an ordinary dry clears as it may set a permanent odor of smoke.
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