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Safety Tips until the FIX Team arrives…

Until The FIX Team arrives, these safety tips will keep your family safe, minimize the damage to your property as well as personal items of value.

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Picture7 Home Emergency Tips — Mold

What can I do until help arrives?
When mold is found, lives can be suddenly turned around. Often, the hardest part is, knowing what to do first, and who to contact.
Next, after any mold if discovered, your primary focus should be health and safety first.
That is why The FIX Professional Team concentrates on creating a plan that can be presented in the same day we arrive on the site.

  • Would it be safe to be in my house ?
  • Are there any health problems that may pose an issue?
  • Are there things I could be doing to insure our health?
  • Do I have damages to my home I am not aware of?
Contact the FIX Professional Team for immediate
answers to your fire damages – (480) 800-4887

What To Do After I Find Mold

  • Assume that all mold is a health risk and call a professional to have it checked and tested.
  • Seal the room off from the rest of the house by tapping off the air registers and tapping the doors shut.
  • See if you can determine the source of the water that is causing the mold to grow without continual exposure to the molded area.
  • Young children and people over 60 are of particular concern to visible mold growing in a home or office. Get them out until the area is safe.
  • Call your insurance agent to verify coverage’s for mold. Not all insurance plans cover mold.

What NOT To Do After I Find Mold

  • Don’t attempt to use ammonia or soap based cleaners to clean mold. It makes mold grow stronger.
  • Don’t attempt to wash or clean walls, furniture, or floors of visible mold.
  • Don’t attempt to scrape scrub mold from walls , cabinets or linens as it will spread the spores all over the house.
  • Don’t think mold won’t grow if you have a small persistent, continuous water leak unattended. It will.
  • Don’t think mold won’t affect your health. Unattended, mold is in most cases a serious health risk. Be safe first!
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