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Storm Damage Restoration by FIX Restoration

Storm damage is often devastating because it hits hard and its method of attack is varied. Fire, water, wind, and ice can all assault a home during a storm. The aftermath can seem impossible to overcome, but it isn’t. A professional storm damage restoration service is all you need to get back on your feet and return your home to working order.

FIX Restoration & Remodeling services homes suffering from storm damage throughout most of the Arizona area. They are there to help from the original estimate until the last board has been dried, cleaned, or nailed.


Don’t Wait To Call Our Team

The key to overcoming storm damage is to react as soon as possible. Once the clouds are gone and the rain has stopped, pick up the phone and make an appointment. FIX provides both standard and emergency storm damage restoration services. Their team is trained to handle a huge assortment of possible problems relating to wind, water, fire, and ice.

No matter the type of damage, it requires fast action. Fire damage can severely weaken the structure of the home, as can water damage. Wind and ice deal the majority of their damage to the roof.  A hailstorm can create a single hole in the roof that turns into a very big and expensive leak.  Reacting quicker means saving time, money, and resources.


Wind And Hail Storm Damage

If you’ve ever lived through a serious hail storm, then you might already know what a nuisance they can be. It’s estimated that hail alone causes about $1 billion each year in damages in America. This includes crops, buildings, and vehicles. A single hail storm once cost a city $2 billion in damages alone.  The bottom line is that hail can deal some serious damage to your home.

The roof is the most commonly damaged part of the house from both the wind and hail. It can be extremely difficult to find as well. You may want to contact the restoration services to schedule an inspection of the roof after a serious hail storm has passed.

Aside from the roof, hail and wind can also damage siding, windows, and skylights. Giant balls of ice falling from the clouds is exactly what you don’t want to happen when you have a skylight, but unfortunately it can be unavoidable.  Damage to the skylight, windows, and roof can all leads to leaks and water damage.


Floods And Fires From Storms

Floods and fires often go hand-in-hand in the storm damage restoration business. Serious storms bring a lot of rain that leads to flooding. Fires are caused by lighting damage or even winds blowing down power lines. Seeing your home on fire and under water is never pleasant.

Luckily, the staff at FIX are already trained experts in fire and water damage restoration. The fact that it is the result of a storm only changes things slightly. The overall process for identifying and restoring the damage is nearly the same.

Even if your home is only damaged by one or the other, there’s still an impending need to contact a professional restoration services. Living in a home with fire or flood damage is not recommended. The longer you postpone the more severe the problem becomes.


Why Use FIX Restoration?

FIX Restoration & Remodeling services work in a highly competitive market. We stay ahead by hiring only the most experienced employees, using the best restoration techniques, and utilizing the latest in high-quality equipment. This includes the latest drying equipment, pumps, and moisture detectors. Depending on exactly where in Arizona you live, we can be on-site within one hour of your call.