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Restoration After Water Damage

Water damage is most common from broken pipes and storms and can cause major structural damage to a home or building in a short period of time. When water spreads through floors, walls and ceilings, it can cause building materials to degrade very rapidly. Additionally, since Chandler is such a warm area materials that have become drenched with water provide an excellent environment for mold to develop.

Businesses and homes that suffer water damage need restoration services right away. Water damage doesn’t always come from natural disasters. Very often washing machines and water heaters cause significant water damage. It’s important to understand that in Arizona’s hot dry climate, a washing machine hose will only have a life of about two or three years. All hot water heaters are equipped with a time stamp. Fix Restoration services runs into these kinds of water damage problems on a regular basis. We have an Emergency Professional Team that is fully aware of the time sensitive nature of damage prevention for floors, walls and ceilings that have been affected by water. Time is of the essence in order to prevent additional damage and a mold outbreak. Fast action helps limit these damages, which is why you need to get in touch with Fix Restoration today!

Once a plan has been formulated and put in place, we will start right away by removing fire damaged materials. Once that’s done, we perform an analysis of the odor and smoke damage the property has suffered. Then we do everything that’s necessary to eliminate these problems. With all damaged materials removed, it’s time to begin cleaning and rebuilding. We execute the agreed-upon plan in accordance with your insurance claim and your personal preference.

Removing Water

One big culprit in water damage in Arizona is hose failure. In Arizona homes, there are usually multiple hoses. Every hose has a recommendation of a replacement time, yet often people forget to replace their hoses in a timely manner. This is why we get called several times monthly from people who have a broken hose that is spewing water into their home. This is a big problem because water wicks up quickly into just about any dry material that it encounters. This allows it to spread from one room to another and from one floor to another in an invisible manner.

Our Emergency Response Team at FIX Restoration has had several decades of solid experience with water damage cleanup and remediation in both businesses and homes. We understand that cleanup in a timely manner is of the utmost importance. On top of that, time is money. That’s why we use the very best in commercial grade equipment for water removal. Our equipment is professionally designed for the removal of large amounts of water in an expeditious fashion. Be that as it may, the importance of getting started immediately when water damages discovered cannot be overstated. You may be surprised to know that every hour of delay following water damage adds up to 18% to 20% higher costs for remediation. We take these figures very seriously because we know that a fast response will save our customers money. Conversely, we greatly appreciate your contacting us right away so that we can get to work right away.

If you can see mold, you can count on the fact that there’s a whole lot more mold that you can’t see. Whenever you suspect mold growth or see mold growth, you should have a mold inspection performed right away. Be aware that you don’t always see mold. Sometimes its presence is indicated by a foul odor or by members of the household becoming ill.

Mold removal is definitely not a do-it-yourself job. You should leave it to the professionals because when mold is disturbed, it disperses into the air in an aerosol form. If you breathe these microbes in, you will be introducing toxic and noxious substances into your body and lungs. This can cause sickness in healthy people and serious health risks for people who have pre-existing respiratory problems.

The Fix Restoration Team is Here To Help You!

Most people take it for granted that their workplaces and homes will be safe. When your place of employment or your home is damaged and becomes unsafe, it can be quite devastating. That’s why it’s good to know that if you are ever faced with this kind of dilemma, you can call us right away at:
1 800 – 631 – 3235