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Home and Business Restoration Services for Scottsdale, AZ

With the dry environment we have in Scottsdale, most home and business owners give little thought to the possibility of major structural damage from water, fire and storm damage. In the last few years, nine floods, three massive fires, and eight storms have been declared natural disasters in Scottsdale. At FIX Restoration, we stand ready to provide 24/7 cleanup, repair and restoration services for both natural disasters and everyday disasters.

Water Damage Restoration

Most people don’t fear water, but it can be extremely damaging to structures. Water causes most material to degrade quickly, and spreads through floors and walls rapidly. Even worse, the warm weather in Scottsdale makes water-drenched materials perfect breeding grounds for mold.

Property owners should realize they are sitting on a ticking time bomb when their homes or businesses suffer water damage. The two most common are hot water heaters and your washing machine. Washing machine hoses only last 2 to 3 years in Arizona. Hot Water heaters have a time stamp on each unit. At FIX Restoration, we encounter these situations every day and our Emergency Professional Team understands that preventing damaged walls, ruined carpets and mold in walls and flooring is a time-sensitive process. Act quickly and damage can be limited. Procrastinate, and the cleanup process becomes extensive and expensive.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is a lot more involved than simply removing ruined or destroyed materials from the burned area. Fire also creates extensive damage by staining walls with smoke, spreading pervasive and unpleasant odors throughout the building, and produces a sludge created when the water used to put out the fire mixes with the residual ashes. Put it all together, and you have one big, complicated mess.

At FIX Restoration, we are experts in the fire damage restoration process, from the removal of burned materials to the final repairs and touch-up work. After you contact us, we respond immediately to analyze the situation. Safety is our first concern. Structural damages many times are unseen. It is so important that the FIX Emergency Team conducts a safety inspection. (See our Safety Fire Tips) Next it is imperative a plan be developed quickly so everyone concerned is on the same page. This can involve the Fire Department, the City Building Inspectors and your Insurance Adjuster all working together with our Estimating Department. Once the plan is accepted, our first step is typically removing all damaged materials. We then analyze the smoke and odor damage done to the property, and perform all necessary work to remove both completely. Now it is time to begin to rebuild by executing the plan which meets both your personal tastes and the insurance budget.

Storm Damage Restoration

While Scottsdale doesn’t get the frequent fierce storms experienced in coastal States, in the last 5 years we have had fierce rain storms, hail storms and wind storms at disaster levels not to mention the raging wild fires prevalent in our state. From wind and hail damaged roofs, to fires and flooded flooring, a home hit by a major storm can be left open to the elements – a problem which must be addressed immediately.

At FIX Restoration, the Professional Emergency Response Team is available 24/7 to address your storm damage problems. For example, if your roof has been ripped open by a falling tree we’ll remove the tree and seal the opening within hours, and then work with you and your insurance company to put together a re-build plan. Contact us anytime, even in the middle of the night or on the weekend, and our Emergency Response Team will be at your location in minutes.

Water Removal

In Arizona, the dry climate is a major issue to the number of hoses in a home. There are hoses to everything! Each hose has a recommended replacement time listed for the hose. Several times a month we get a call from someone with water pouring out the home because of a broken hose in the home. The most insidious thing about water is that it “wicks” up into practically anything it touches, allowing it to spread invisibly from room to room as well as from floor to floor.

At Fix Restoration, our Emergency Response Team has decades of experience cleaning up and remediating water damage in homes and businesses. Because time is money, all of our equipment is commercial grade, designed to remove large amounts of water quickly. The best equipment in the world, however, loses its effectiveness if not acted upon quickly after discovering water damage. For every hour that a water problem is left unresolved, it costs approximately 18 to 20 percent more per hour left unresolved. At FIX we take this serious. A quick response always saves the customer money. Contact us immediately.

Mold Removal and Inspections

Mold usually refers to the collection and growth of microscopic biological specimens, which typically require a warm, humid environment to flourish. With a source of water, it doesn’t take much to start mold growth. Experts estimate that as many as 25 percent of all homes have hidden mold growth (often due to water leaks) in their flooring or walls.

When mold becomes visibly obvious, what you can’t see is much worse. If you become aware of mold growth, or suspect you may have an issue based on foul odors or even family members becoming ill, a mold inspection should be done immediately.

Never try to remove mold growths on your own, as the mold will disperse into the air in what’s called an “aerosol” form. Breathe in the microbes, and you introduce noxious and toxic substances into your lungs and body. You may become sick, and people with pre-existing respiratory medical issues are at a serious health risk from unresolved mold exposure.

At Fix Restoration, our Emergency Team specializes in mold remediation. We have the expertise to professionally and safely remove mold growths in bathrooms, kitchens, and other locations; we also have the training to identify mold colonies in areas which aren’t obvious, such as walls or carpets. We are licensed and certified by OSHA, IICRC, and the EPA, so you can be confident that we know what we’re doing and will do it professionally and competently. Contact us today to arrange an inspection of your home.

We’re Here To Help

One of the things we all take for granted is the safety of the spaces where we live and work, and it can be devastating when these spaces are damaged. If this happens to you, contact us immediately at (480) 800-4887 for help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our Emergency Response Team will get the cleanup and repair process started within minutes, so your space will quickly be clean, safe, and livable again. “Excellence Restored” guaranteed.