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Fix Restoration Your Water Damage Restoration Help In Surprise, AZ

Surprise has a relatively dry climate, so most people never think their homes or business offices could be affected by water, storm and fire damage. Over the past few years, Surprise has seen no less than nine floods, three major fires and eight storms. All these have been declared natural disasters. Fix Restoration is the company that can help you with your cleanup, repair and restoration after such natural disasters. Our 24/7 services are here to support you whenever needed.

Water Damage Restoration

Most people believe water can’t produce much damage, but they are terribly wrong. Water can irreversibly affect the structure of a building, as it has the power of infiltrating through walls and floors. Combine this action with the warm weather in Surprise, and you’ve got the perfect ground for mold development.

Property owners need to become aware of this hidden danger their buildings are exposed to after a flood. Such water damage can be caused by two major elements in a building: water heaters and washing machines. Did you know that, in Arizona, washing machine hoses need to be replaced every two-three years? Moreover, all water heater units come with a time stamp on them. Our technicians at Fix Restoration meets such things every day in their work. Our Emergency Professional Team knows very well that time is essential in such interventions. Quick action is needed in order to limit the extent of the damage caused by stale water to the walls, floors and carpets. The more you wait, the more difficult and expensive the restoration works are going to be.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage restoration is much more than the removal of debris and damaged goods and materials from the site. Fire also causes damage to the walls by staining them with smoke and a smelly sludge that forms in contact with the water used by the firefighters in the process of putting down the fire. All these together can create a huge mess which can be quite difficult to clean up.

At Fix Restoration, we can help you in all stages of the fire restoration process, from removing burned materials from the building to cleaning up the walls, removing the odors and restoring the interiors to their original state. As soon as you contact us, we are going to send you our experts to analyze the situation and develop a safe intervention plan. Safety is a major concern for us, so we know the importance of spotting structural damages in due time, before they worsen and become life threatening. The first thing our Fix Emergency Team does in such situations is conducting a safety inspection. You are welcome to find out more from our Safety Fire Tips article. Next, we develop an action plan that lists all urgent activities to be done and who needs to do them. This plan may involve the Fire Department, the Insurance Adjuster and the City Building Inspectors. They all need to cooperate with our Estimating Department in order to quickly progress to the next stage of the project, which is to remove all damaged materials from the fire site. When the space is freed from burned debris, we can proceed to the assessment of smoke and odor damage and take immediate measures to remove them completely. After all these have been done, it is time to start rebuilding, in accordance with the insurance budget and your personal preferences.

Storm Damage Restoration

Surprise is far from experiencing those frequent terrible storms in coastal States. However, over the past five years, this area has been the scene of several fierce rain, hail and wind storms that caused severe damage to roofs, windows and building interiors. Hail, fire and floods together can act with an impressive force, causing real disasters to all elements of a building, from the roof to floors and basements. Such damage that can leave a building exposed to the fury of elements needs to be addressed immediately.

At FIX Restoration, the Professional Emergency Response Team is available 24/7 and ready to intervene immediately for the remediation of all urgent problems that threaten the integrity of your building. For instance, if your roof has been severely damaged by a falling tree, we are going to remove the tree and all branches, and then seal your roof with an emergency solution until you and your insurance company come up with a plan for rebuilding your roof. You are welcome to contact us at any given time, in the middle of the night or during weekends and legal holidays. Our Emergency Response Team is always ready to come and help you within minutes, even on a very short notice.

Water Removal

Arizona’s dry climate make hoses extremely popular in all homes. Unfortunately, these hoses become old and friable, thus needing replacement every few years. A broken hose is able of producing a lot of water damage, hence the number of calls we get each month, asking us to help with floods due to such incidents. The biggest problem with water is that it is able of insidiously penetrating all materials, from floors and carpets to furniture and walls.

At Fix Restoration, our Emergency Response Team is well-trained and experienced in such actions of cleaning up and water damage remediation in homes, as well as in commercial buildings. We only work with professional tools and equipment, thus being able to remove large volumes of water quickly. Nonetheless, even such advanced equipment loses its effectiveness if not acting upon as quick as possible after discovering the problem. Even a few minutes of delay matter, so it’s very important that you contact us immediately. At Fix Restoration, we are aware that every extra hour that passes increases the damage restoration cost by about 20%.

Mold Removal And Inspections

Wherever there’s warmth and high humidity, mold will thrive and grow at an impressive speed. Estimations from experts show that a quarter of all homes have hidden mold problems due to neglected water leaks in their walls or flooring.

By the time you notice the mold, the hidden part of your problem is much worse than what you can actually see. Visible mold is just like the iceberg part that comes out of the water: it’s about 10% of the whole thing. If you suspect mold problems in your home, you need to get a mold inspection immediately, in order to prevent your family members from getting ill.

Never attempt mold removal by yourself, as this is a very hazardous operation when done the wrong way. Breathing in the mold spores can cause severe lung problems, as well as other health issues, so you should definitely avoid mold spores from spreading up in the air.

At Fix Restoration, we’ve got the best specialists in mold remediation. We have the knowledge, tools and expertise to handle and remove mold growths in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and any other locations in a building. We are also trained in detecting and identifying mold colonies in areas where they can’t be easily spotted by laymen. Our experts are licensed and certified by OSHA, IICRC, and the EPA, so you can have the peace of mind your situation is going to be handled in a professional and competent way. Contact us today and have your house inspected by one of our professionals.

You Can Rely On Us 24/7

We all take the safety of our buildings for granted, so when disaster strikes, we panic. If anything like this happens to you, try to maintain your calm and contact us immediately at (480) 800-4887. Our operators are here 24/7 all year round, and our Emergency Response Team is ready to act for helping you cleanup, repair and make your space livable again.