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Professional Restoration Services for Phoenix, AZ

Serious damage to your home or business can leave you paralyzed, not knowing what to do or where to turn. Whether you have suffered catastrophic damage caused by fire, water or a storm, FIX Restoration takes the burden off your shoulders by providing professional mitigation and restoration services available throughout the Phoenix area.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage isn’t always obvious. While it is easy to see water flowing across carpets, soaking furniture, warped floorings, and saturating ceilings and walls, the hidden (and often more dangerous) risk, however, is often missed by property owners because they can’t initially see water spreading throughout a home or building, penetrating hidden areas and eventually leading to extensive damages to the structure as well as the insuring growth of mold. Many times we experience situations where water has leaked for weeks and in some cases months before it is finally discovered. This is most prevalent in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries.

At Fix Restoration, we have the experience necessary to clean-up and repair both obvious and hidden water damage in homes and businesses. We use a time-tested five-step process to remediate your water damage problems:

  1. Use of moisture detectors, hygrometers, infra-red cameras and other devices to fully detect all water in the structure.
  2. Use of hi-flow pumping equipment to remove large quantities of water quickly, if necessary.
  3. Application of cleaning agents and germicides to prevent mold growth.
  4. Use of commercial grade dehumidifiers to remove and dry every molecule of water that can be extracted.
  5. Removal of the damaged materials.

While these services are extremely effective in restoring your damaged property to a habitable environment, the most important step is yours; “Contacting Us Quickly.” Water is a transient element, and moves quickly if given the chance. Even a delay of a few hours can be the difference between a small annoyance – and water damage which requires major, expensive renovations. We are open 24/7…contact us as soon as you discover a leak.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage almost always extends far beyond the actual area where flames have burned. There are normally four major problems to be dealt with:

  • Blackening of walls from smoke
  • Fire odors embedded in furniture, carpets, and other surfaces
  • Actual fire damage to the structure and furnishings
  • Sludge created when ash mixes with the water used by firemen to put out the fire

At Fix Restoration, we know how devastating it can be to experience a fire. We work with you to identify which parts of the structure that can be saved and which personal items can be restored, and which items needs to be thrown away. Once the damage is assessed we bring in our team to remove the damaged materials, and start restoration process by removing ash, sludge, smoke stains, and the remaining odors caused by the fire. Our Re-Model team will work with you to develop and implement a restoration plan fitting both your insurance budget and your personal tastes.

Storm Damage Restoration

In the last few years, nine floods, three massive fires, and eight storms have been declared natural disasters in Arizona. At FIX Restoration, we stand ready to provide 24/7 cleanup, repair and restoration services for both natural disasters and everyday disasters. Issues can involve everything from water damage and flooded property, to damaged roofs and insulation which can leave your home or business exposed to the elements.

At Fix Restoration, we know storm damage remediation must be addressed quickly. From falling trees through the roof and sides of a home, to hail damages through roofs and widows we stand ready to move. Within a short period of time a damaged roof can be covered and a wall boarded and covered. We’ll have our commercial-grade pumps in place to remove the water within 60 minutes. The key to properly taking care of storm damage is reacting quickly, and we have the Emergency Response Teams to do it. Contact us now at 800-631-3235 for assistance with your storm damage.

Water Removal

Despite our dry environment in Phoenix, water in a home or business can quickly become a massive, expensive problem unless it’s removed quickly. Water spreads easily, and the further it moves into the flooring substrates or walls, the greater the damages. The possibility of mold growth unattended will become the next serious issue. Water trapped in a wall or floor, combined with the heat we regularly experience, creates a perfect breeding ground for microbes.

At Fix Restoration, we take water removal seriously and employ specialty equipment designed to attack the problem quickly and effectively:

  1. High volume pumps to remove standing water.
  2. Portable extraction units to pump water from hard-to-reach areas of structures like the steps down to a basement, or a nook underneath stairs.
  3. Air flow generators placed along impacted walls to dry out drywall and underlying wood structures and prevent warping, buckling and mold growth.
  4. Commercial-grade dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the structure.

Time is of the essence with any water problem. The quicker a water leak is detected, repaired and the water removed means walls do not have to be removed, kitchens rebuilt, or floors won’t be ruined. Avoiding this problem means that comprehensive repairs can be conducted quickly and inexpensively. Once walls, cabinets and floors are damaged, there is little recourse but to undertake extensive and costly renovation work. In short, if you contact us immediately when you discover water damage you will be able to minimize the risks of water damage.

Mold Removal and Inspections

Mold is a general term used to describe a wide variety of microbes which grow in the presence of warmth and humidity. Many of those microbes can cause major health problems when inhaled; they can even cause death in people who have pre-existing illnesses. The particularly scary thing about mold, according to noted immunotoxicologist Dr. Jack Thrasher, is that a full 25 percent of homes in the United States suffer from mold infestations.

At Fix Restoration, we are a licensed mold inspection and removal company, certified by OSHA, IICRC, and the EPA. If you suffer water damage, notice mold growth or smell musky odors around your home or business, contact us immediately and we’ll conduct a full inspection to determine whether you have a problem – and provide all necessary mold remediation safely and professionally.

Act Quickly

Damage to a home or business requires immediate attention. Fix Restoration Emergency Team can provide it, quickly, competently and efficiently. Contact us at 800-631-3235, any time of the day or night, to get help whenever you need it.